The 2014 Electrical License Renewal is just upon us.  Below are detailed instructions for using the DORA website to complete your Learning Plan.  It is a long and convoluted process.  I wish they would have streamlined things a bit, hopefully it will get better with time.  Please, read through all the instructions before starting the into the DORA site.  It can be confusing.  If you have any questions just give the office a call or stop down and we will help you out.  Good luck!

Step 1 – Complete Learning Plan

Complete your Personal Learning Plan on the DORA website.

You have to Log In to the DORA site to do this. You might be saying that you have never seen this site before. Well, you have.  You have somewhere a User ID and Password for this site.  You can use the Password Finder on the Left hand side to help you out.  Click on any of the images to in large.

Click on the screenshot below to be directed to the DORA Sign-In


Once in the DORA Site you will have to complete your Learning Plan.  Click on the “2011-2014 CC” link.


Now you have to “Modify” your Learning Plan.  This is where you will enter the PDU’s you were assigned.  Note, PDU’s were only assigned for inadequate performance on the 2011 Renewal.  You may have not been assigned any.  If you were not you will stop here and revisit the DORA site after July 1st to request access to the 2014 Renewal Exam.


Now at your Learning Plan, you must “View Plan”


Once viewing the correct Learning Plan you will have to  “Add an Activity”


Step 2 – Request 2014 CC

Well, once you have all of that done.  You will have to revisit the site after July 1st to request to take your 2014 Renewal.  This can be done only once you have completed your Learning Plan and on or after July 1st, 2014.  The exam will be based on the 2011 Code.  It is open book and you can bring in and use your own Code Book.  Good luck and give a call if you have any questions.



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