Construction Wireman Education Program

The CWE Program is a 2 year Electrical Education program.  This tuition based program will give you the skills to launch your electrical career!


First Year

In the first semester you will be taught the basics of the industry: job responsibilities, part names, NEC code knowledge, and conduit fabrication.  Safety is a cornerstone of the CWE Program, making sure you come home safely to your friends and family.  We will provide an OSHA 10 Hour Safety Class along with a American Red Cross Adult CPR and First Aid certification.  This is the only semester that can be tested out of, see Program Director for details.  All other semester must be taken in consecutively.


Semester 1A – CWEP 120 volts
  Job Information, Level 1
  Orientation, Level 1
  Conduit Fabrication, Level 1
  Codes and Practices, Level 1
  OSHA 10
  American Red Cross CPR and First Aid


Second Semester you will dive into DC Theory, learning Series, Parallel and Combination circuits.  Your CWEP Instructor will also cover more advanced conduit fabrication.

Semester 1B – CWEP 240 volts
  DC Theory, Level 1
  Conduit Fabrication, Level 2





Second Year


The Second year of the program, starting Fall 2015, will be a mix of AC Theory, NEC Code, Blueprint reading, Electrical Safety and other related classes.

Semester 2A – CWEP 277 volts
  Orientation, Level 2
  Codeology, Level 1
  Blueprints, Level 1
  Test Instruments, Level 1
  AC Theory, Level 1



Semester 1A – CWEP 480 volts
  AC Theory, Level 1 (Continued)
  Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, 70E
  Code and Practices 2, Level 1
  Transformers, Level 1

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