Below is the Apprentice Tool List.  This list is the minimum per year.  You may bring other tools as long as the minimum requirements are meet.


Tool List Each Apprentice shall provide himself with and have available on the job a tool pouch and the following hand tools in good order and condition;

1st Year Apprentice


Side Cutting Pliers (Lineman’s Pliers)

Screwdrivers (as needed)

Level (not over 18”)

2 x Channel Lock Pliers (not over 14”)

Rule or Tape (not required to be over 30’ long)

Wire Strippers (at least 10-18 ga.)

Utility Knife

Flashlight or headlamp

Hack Saw Frame

Diagonal Pliers


2nd Year

Needle-nosed Pliers

Key-Hole Saw (Sheetrock Saw, Jab Saw)

Hex-head Nut Drivers or socket set to ¾”

Crescent Wrenches (not over 12”)

Wire Crimpers (not over #10 ga. Wire)


3rd Year

Square (Tri-square, Speed-square, or Hip-Val)

Digital Multi-meter (shall meet 70E requirements)

Center Punch  Allen Wrench Set (assorted, not to exceed ½”)

Box-end wrenches up to ¾”

Bi-metal drill bits up to ½”

Tap Handles and Taps (up to and including ¼”)


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