Fluke Connect

The WCJATC want to thank the Fluke Corporation for their wonderful donation of multiple test instruments.  Fluke donated 4 sets of a 725 Multi-function Process Calibrator, test pump and pressure module.  These will all be used in our enhanced Test Instrumentation Class.

Also, Fluke donated a Fluke Connect enabled digital multimeter.  If you have not played with a Fluke Connect meter, you are missing out.  These are blue tooth enable meters and testing instruments.  You can de-energize a panel, hook up you meter without 70E requirements.  Close the panel with the meter still in place.  Re-energize and sit back and take your measurements.  How great is that?!  Plus, you can send Work Orders and take photos all with the free smart phone app.  Click on the image above or the link below to a great video showing off the new system.

Fluke Connect Video