Extended PDU’s

Extended PDU’s: Enhanced Unemployment Insurance Trainings


The Colorado State Senate has extended the Enhanced Unemployment Benefits till June 2014.  This law gives individuals an additional 50% of their weekly unemployment amount for attending training related to high demand industries.   The WCJATC will start providing 8 week courses designed to meet the State requirements and allow individuals to collect additional unemployment benefits.  The courses will be held every Thursday at 9am following the schedule below.  An individual will have to sign up for the whole course to meet the state requirements, though you will not have to finish the course if you find a job.  These courses will be open to the public and cost $50 per week.  Call today to schedule your classes and learn about other restrictions.


Feb and March, Every Thursday, 9am

Class: Code Updates


April and May, Every Thursday, 9 am

Class: Code Calculations


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